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Draft Media is dedicated to a unique multi-faceted approach that brings media publishers, advertisers and experts in backend technology together to bridge the gap like no other has done before.

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Since we all play for the same team at Draft Media, we have an everybody wins mentality when it comes to getting our media properties rolled out on robust technology and partnering them up with advertisers we handpick with them.

Draft Media Editorial

Our writers, editors and partner sites are at the forefront of the digital reporting game and have experience and credentials covering some of the biggest events around the world. Leverage our publishing expertise to your advantage.

DM Boost

Have a site you started as a hobby without the knowhow of the many other areas it takes expertise in to fully optimize and run a site. Let us take the pain and headaches away. We will move you to our robust server, have access to a number of tools that give you insight into performance, optimize your SEO and allow you to scale.

DM Video

Want to get a video out on your latest announcement or project, but don’t have the digital media team to get that done? Want to stream your events live. Draft Media Video not only has a digital media team that can tackle your video creation needs, but also has the tools to take your streaming to the next level.

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DraftMedia specializes in
small Publishing Company.

  • We help small business to scale and grow

    The beauty is that it brings together communities despite geographic, cultural or socio-economic boundaries...

  • We help publishers from all over the world

    Grab some popcorn and a pen and come join us in shaping the new age of media.

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